Expert Plumbing and HVAC Services in Hanover, New Hampshire

From keeping homes warm in the winter to cool in the summer, the demand for reliable plumbing and HVAC services in Hanover is high. Good thing that Jerm’s Home Services is just a call away. From intricate plumbing issues to optimizing heating and cooling systems, we are always ready to ensure that your home remains comfortable and operating as it should.

Call now to ask for a second opinion, request an estimate, or schedule repair services for your plumbing, AC, or heating system in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Your Source of Complete Home Solutions

At Jerm’s Home Services, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all aspects of your home comfort needs. Our experienced technicians are skilled in:


Improve your kitchen’s functionality with expert garbage disposal installation. Our skilled technicians specialize in seamlessly integrating efficient and durable disposal units into your plumbing system. From precise installation to ensuring proper connections, we prioritize functionality and safety. Experience the convenience of a well-installed garbage disposal that enhances your kitchen experience while minimizing the risk of clogs and plumbing issues. Contact us today for a professional installation that aligns with your home’s needs and promotes long-term efficiency.


Unlock a new level of energy-efficient hot water with our expert tankless water heater solutions. Our seasoned professionals specialize in tailored installations that provide endless hot water on demand while minimizing energy consumption. Experience the benefits of a high-performance, long-lasting system that optimizes your home’s comfort and reduces utility bills. Contact us today to explore the world of tankless water heaters and discover how our expertise can transform your hot water experience.


Enhance your indoor air quality and HVAC system’s efficiency with our expert AC filter services. Our knowledgeable technicians recommend, install, and maintain premium air filters that capture pollutants, allergens, and contaminants, ensuring clean and fresh airflow throughout your space. Benefit from professionally managed AC filtration that promotes optimal system performance and contributes to your overall well-being. Contact us today to elevate your air quality and maximize the potential of your HVAC system with our specialized AC filter solutions.


Experience superior home comfort with our expert furnace solutions. Our seasoned technicians specialize in furnace installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring your heating system operates flawlessly during the coldest months. Trust our expertise to keep your home warm and cozy, while optimizing energy efficiency and safety. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive furnace services and discover how we can elevate your heating experience to the highest standard of excellence.


Ensure the safety and functionality of your gas lines with our expert repair services. Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnosing and addressing gas line issues promptly and effectively. From leaks to disruptions, we prioritize the integrity of your gas lines to guarantee seamless operation and eliminate potential hazards. Trust our expertise to restore your gas lines to optimal condition, ensuring the reliability of your appliances and systems. Contact us today to safeguard your home with professional gas line repair that adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality.


Improve your water quality with our expert water filtration system solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians specialize in assessing your water quality needs and installing advanced filtration systems that remove contaminants, minerals, and impurities. Experience the benefits of clean, pure water that promotes health, enhances taste, and protects your plumbing. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive water filtration options and discover how our expertise can transform your water into a pristine source of well-being.


Experience uninterrupted cooling comfort with our expert AC repair and maintenance services. Our seasoned technicians specialize in diagnosing and addressing AC issues promptly and effectively, ensuring optimal performance during the hottest months. Trust our expertise to keep your AC system running smoothly, while maximizing energy efficiency and longevity. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive AC services and discover how we can elevate your cooling experience to the highest standard of excellence.


Elevate your home’s heating and cooling efficiency with our expert heat pump solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining heat pump systems that provide year-round comfort. Experience the benefits of a versatile system that efficiently regulates indoor temperatures while minimizing energy consumption. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive heat pump services and discover how our expertise can transform your home’s climate control to the highest standard of excellence.


Trust in our expert gas line installation services to ensure safety and functionality. Our skilled technicians specialize in precise gas line installations, adhering to industry standards and regulations. From residential to commercial projects, we prioritize the integrity of your gas lines, providing reliable connections for your appliances and systems. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive gas line installation services and discover how our expertise can contribute to the safety and efficiency of your space.


Experience reliable hot water with our expert water heater solutions. Our seasoned technicians specialize in water heater installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring consistent performance. Trust our expertise to provide optimal heating efficiency and longevity while addressing your specific hot water needs. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive water heater services and discover how our knowledge can elevate your home’s hot water experience to the highest standard of excellence.


Enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency with our expert air handler services. Our knowledgeable technicians specialize in assessing, installing, and maintaining air handler units that optimize indoor airflow. Experience the benefits of improved air distribution, better filtration, and enhanced comfort throughout your space. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive air handler services and discover how our expertise can transform your HVAC system into a reliable source of comfort and well-being.


Ensure the integrity of your plumbing system with our expert repiping services. Our skilled technicians specialize in assessing, planning, and executing repiping projects with precision. From outdated pipes to frequent leaks, we prioritize the long-term functionality and safety of your plumbing infrastructure. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive repiping solutions and discover how our expertise can elevate the plumbing performance of your home or business to the highest standard of excellence.


Experience improved water quality with our expert water softener solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians specialize in assessing your water’s hardness levels and installing advanced water softener systems that remove minerals and impurities. Enjoy the benefits of softer water that protects your appliances, extends their lifespan, and enhances the effectiveness of your cleaning routines. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive water softener options and discover how our expertise can transform your water quality to the highest standard of excellence.


Trust in our expert boiler repair and installation services for efficient heating. Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnosing and addressing boiler issues promptly and effectively, ensuring reliable performance during colder months. Whether it’s repair or replacement, we prioritize the optimal functionality and safety of your heating system. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive boiler services and discover how our expertise can elevate your heating experience to the highest standard of excellence.


Elevate your bathroom with our expert shower installation services. Our skilled technicians specialize in precise shower installations, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and water efficiency. From classic to modern designs, we prioritize a seamless integration that complements your space. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive shower installation options and discover how our expertise can transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style, designed to the highest standard of excellence.


Ensure reliable water supply with our expert well pump replacement services. Our skilled technicians specialize in assessing, selecting, and installing well pumps that match your property’s water needs. From residential to commercial systems, we prioritize consistent water flow and system efficiency. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive well pump replacement options and discover how our expertise can ensure your water source operates flawlessly, meeting your needs to the highest standard of excellence.


Experience precise climate control with our expert ductless mini split solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians specialize in assessing your comfort needs and installing advanced mini split systems that provide efficient heating and cooling. Enjoy the benefits of zoned comfort, energy savings, and whisper-quiet operation.Contact us today to explore our comprehensive ductless mini split options and discover how our expertise can transform your space into a haven of personalized comfort and efficiency, designed to the highest standard of excellence.

Expertise You Can Trust

With years of dedicated service in the Hanover area, Jerm’s Home Services has solidified its reputation as the go-to source for expert plumbing and HVAC solutions. Our team’s qualifications extend beyond technical skills; they encompass a deep understanding of the area’s unique challenges and climate dynamics. We pride ourselves on our local expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Jerm’s Home Services is built upon a foundation of excellence and customer-centric values. Our mission is to create living spaces that seamlessly blend comfort, efficiency, and innovation. As your trusted Hanover plumbers and HVAC experts, we understand the intricacies of local homes, ensuring that every service we provide contributes to your well-being and peace of mind.

FAQs on Plumbing and HVAC

Several factors can contribute to your AC not cooling properly. It’s essential to consider the following potential issues:

  • Dirty Air Filters: Clogged or dirty filters restrict airflow, causing reduced cooling efficiency. Regularly replacing or cleaning filters is crucial.
  • Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can hinder cooling performance. Refrigerant leaks or insufficient levels require professional attention.
  • Thermostat Issues: Incorrect thermostat settings, calibration, or malfunction can lead to improper cooling cycles.
  • Condenser Unit Problems: A dirty or obstructed condenser unit can hamper heat exchange, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency.
  • Blocked Vents or Ducts: Blocked vents or ducts restrict airflow, preventing proper distribution of cool air.
  • Electrical Problems: Faulty wiring, capacitors, or relays can impact the AC’s ability to function correctly.
  • Compressor Troubles: A malfunctioning compressor, often due to electrical issues or wear and tear, can result in inadequate cooling.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils: Frozen coils may indicate airflow issues, low refrigerant levels, or other problems requiring professional diagnosis.

To pinpoint the root cause and ensure effective resolution, it’s recommended to consult with a professional HVAC technician. Addressing these issues promptly not only restores cooling efficiency but also extends the lifespan of your AC system.

The lifespan of HVAC systems varies depending on factors like maintenance, usage, and system quality. Generally, well-maintained systems can last around 15 to 20 years. Furnaces often last longer, while air conditioners may have a slightly shorter lifespan. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, filter replacement, and addressing issues promptly, significantly extends system longevity. High-quality systems tend to last longer, making investment in reputable brands worthwhile.

As systems age, efficiency may decrease, and repairs become more frequent. Upgrading to modern, energy-efficient models can improve comfort and lower utility bills. Consulting with an HVAC professional can provide personalized insights based on your specific system and usage, helping you make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

The optimal time to service your furnace is during the fall, typically before the colder months arrive. Scheduling a professional inspection and maintenance before the heating season begins ensures that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency and safety. This proactive approach helps identify and address any potential issues before they escalate, minimizing the risk of breakdowns during the coldest days. 

Regular servicing includes cleaning components, checking for leaks, testing the thermostat, and ensuring proper airflow. Moreover, fall appointments are less likely to be affected by high-demand periods, ensuring prompt service and allowing ample time for any necessary repairs. By adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule, you not only enhance your furnace’s performance but also extend its lifespan, improve energy efficiency, and ensure reliable home heating throughout the winter.

Your Path to Enhanced Comfort

When it comes to elevating your home’s comfort and efficiency, Jerm’s Home Services is the name to trust. Our Hanover plumbing and HVAC services are tailored to meet your unique needs, providing solutions that stand the test of time. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself.



    Douglas Ayres
    Great service on our two oil furnaces, returning them to excellent efficiency. Numerous improvements made, always with honest discussions of safety and costs. Many thanks
    Michael Kelly
    Jerm’s is the best. Always on time and very clean and professional. The technician Hunter is great and he has done numerous jobs for us.
    Elaine Beattie
    Terrific service. Very helpful and responsive.
    Bettina Read
    Everyone at Jerm’s is professional and friendly, both the technicians and the office staff. Super dependable and knowledgeable. I recommend them to all my clients.
    A G
    Excellent customer service. They installed new baseboard heat unit and wore booties in the house, politely greeted, and put down drop cloths in their work area. Very knowledgable, willing to answer questions, and professional.
    Erik Endrulat
    I had a great experience with Jerm’s with a recent gas range install. Aaron and Chris were courteous, great communicators, and provided overall excellent service. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again or recommend them to a friend.
    Ginny Kuhnert
    It was a very satisfactory experience. He was very professional and explained anything I needed to know.
    Darin Godfrey
    Very dependable, honest, professional. Quality work done by very nice and caring people. I highly recommend Jerm's Plumbing.
    Nicole Affeldt
    Kevin Welch arrived on time and with a friendly disposition, taking care to inquire about parking and graciously asking if he may come in. These small details demonstrate immediately that the home owner is valued and respected! Kevin’s service and work were excellent, taking the time to identify what was most important during his visit and delivering on it 100% In addition, he took the time teach me in appropriate terminology about the furnace, its components, and small details to watch for as it is an aging unit.It was a pleasure to have him, and to conclude the maintenance with absolute confidence that my heating needs are in good order. Jerm’s focuses on relationship building, impeccable service, and serving/sharing options with transparency. This is the company to call. I look forward to many more years of their service and aid in caring for my home and well-being. Thank you Kevin!
    Sally Mansur
    Jerm's technician provided thorough maintenance of my hybrid heat pump/electric hot water heater and my high-efficiency propane boiler.Jerm's communicates clearly and they are professional and perform terrific work. An excellent value for my money.
    L.F. Crowe
    our first experience with Jerm"s was great. The Tech was friendly and told me what he was going to do. Thank you I am sure we will do business with you again. Larry & Natalie Crowe
    Claire Geno
    Very responsive and follow up when they say they will. Great experience with Aaron, who went the extra mile to fix an issue for us that came up after completing scheduled maintenance work.
    David Lutz
    I love the level of communication that is given from time of booking appointment to actual arrival of plumber on site, text and emails are provided with all you need to know.
    Kristin Rookey
    Travis and Hunter did a great job installing my new water heater. They were on time, explained my options clearly, and left the space tidy. Everyone that I spoke to from the first call to the day of was helpful and professional.
    Henry Bromberg
    the tech was polite, respectful, knowledgeable, got the job done properly. thank you
    Nicole Turner
    I cannot say enough about how highly I would recommend this company. From my initial contact with Dawn, explaining my situation, to my final conversation with Stephanie, everyone I spoke with at the company was very professional and helpful. Dawn was able to schedule an appointment for my leaking hot water heater for the very next day (after waiting several days for another plumber to even call me back!). Not only did she get it scheduled for the following day, she phoned me back the SAME DAY because they had an opening in the schedule and wanted to know if the technicians could come EARLY. The technicians (Hunter & Zach) arrived promptly and were courteous and explained everything as well as the options available. Jerm's will definitely be my go-to for my plumbing needs and I will definitely tell others about the company and my extremely positive experience with them.
    Michael Anderson
    Jeremy did what 2 other techs couldn't figure out. Highly recommend.
    Lisa Francomacaro
    I am a young woman who is often home alone when getting plumbing and heating services for my condo. I have used Jerm's several times now - for a dishwasher installation, a new sink/faucet installation, a leaky pipe, and routine maintenance of my Rinnai forced hot air propane heater. Every time they send me a photo of the technician with their name in advance so I know who to expect at my door. The technician has always identified themselves by the name sent in advance. In addition to reliable work with clear upfront prices, I have always felt safe. Their techs also do a great job of explaining processes to someone with no plumbing or HVAC knowledge!Just adding to my review- Eric just came by and replaced an ancient hot water heater for me - did a lovely job and made sure I knew how to turn on/off the supply lines in case of emergency.
    Colleen Wolter
    Jerm's Home Services is the most professional plumbing company we have ever worked with. From the initial phone call to the actual plumbing services, they were polite, communicative and a pleasure to work with. The technicians were clean, timely and efficient. Highly recommend this company!
    Clara Gimenez
    Excellent, professional services. From Stephanie, the scheduler answering the phones, to the technicians coming to the home, everyone was responsive and skilled. We appreciated the timely response, the texted updates regarding time of arrival, and the detailed estimates for the project. Special thanks to Kevin for his detailed heat pumpinstallation plans, and to Eric, who went the extra mile to complete a repair on short notice:Super fast, clean and detailed work.
    Resolved our issue quickly, mouse house in the electrical compartment of the outdoor condenser, the mice chewed the insulation off the electrical wires... The bill was not small though.
    Jeff Neily
    I appreciated how responsive the technician and the office were in answering my questions. Also, I appreciated being advised on each stage of the installation of the mini splits.
    Cate Meno
    Jerms always does solid work. Appreciate the techs like Jeremy and Aaron who take time to explain things to us and walk us through our options. We’ve had them put in mini splits, replace water heater, water softener and boiler. Great job every time. Plus they wear booties over their boots so they don’t track mud/dirt into your house.
    Charles Buhrman
    Travis was great! Professional and upfront about costs. Got my boiler running well again. My pregnant wife is very happy about having our hot water back!
    Green Mountain Boy
    Attention to detail by Zach was very much appreciated.
    Gustav Peebles
    Everything is great about Jerm's-- from the easy and prompt scheduling to the expert and friendly service from folks like Travis. Will always call them back!
    Thomas Masaryk
    Exceptional, professional service.
    Bryan LaFountaine
    Travis was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Jerm's was able to expedite our appointment. This was the second time we've used Jerms. I highly recommend them!!
    Patrick Cunneen
    Quick assessment of what needed to be done. All fixed and working great. No complaints. Thanks
    Paul West
    We have used Jerm’s for multiple issues and they are always professional and responsive. Kevin is the only guy I’ll call to work on our boiler from this point on.
    Leigh Wasserman
    The whole process was easy, efficient and pain free. Travis was excellent and now our condo is so comfortable! I would highly recommend Jerm's and Travis to anyone looking for ductless air.
    From the beginning Jerm's was professional and accurate at quoting the space we were looking to heat and cool with a mini-split heat pump. Communication is of utmost importance to us and their scheduling/payment system was quite easy to use. From there we were able to reach someone on the phone fairly easily - or calls were returned in a timely manner. I'm glad I chose to trust Jerm's with my business. Finally, the installer was professional, on time, and thoroughly explained the work which was done.
    Tim Dowd
    Jeremy and Aaron were excellent. They described the work that was to be done. They were willing to listen to our concerns and find solutions that worked for our home. I highly recommend them.
    Caron Bronstein
    I am very impressed with the professionalism and expertise that the tech from Jerm's exhibited while doing the repairs at my house. He explained what the problem was, how he would fix it and clearly showed that the repair was completed. I would highly recommend both Jerm's and specifically Eric Beck, the tech who did the work at my house.
    Lucas McKittrick
    Friendly, prompt, and helpful. Travis and Scott communicated with us easily and smoothly completed the work we needed. Thanks!
    Ruth Kett
    Excellent service and timing
    Natalie Hopkins
    Zach, our technician was excellent. Very professional, skilled, kind and an excellent communicator. Our project was involved and we encountered many bumps in the road and through it all we were so glad that we had Zach working on our bathrooms. We always felt comfortable with him in our home and would recommend him time and time again. Stephanie was also wonderful to communicate with for all our scheduling needs. Of the many contractors we’ve worked with on our remodel, Jerm’s has been the best.
    E W
    Great to deal with. Came earlier than expected. Professional and efficient!
    Lee Michaels
    Kevin and Aaron did an excellent job fixing the plumbing problems. They also were very patient and did a first class job of explaining to me the value of a preventative maintenance on my aging boiler and heat pump systems. So now I have a roadmap going forward on what I should be doing to have my systems function well. These guys are awesome.
    Viktor Witkowski
    Aaron and Kevin were an amazing, efficient, and professional team. They arrived in the morning to install a Fujitsu heat pump and worked hard to finish the job by afternoon. Lots of attention to detail too. I cannot recommend them enough.
    chuck lowell
    High quality, professional service, Travis and the team were top-notch. Highly recommend Jerm's!
    SAS Registrar
    highly recommend. Used for HVAC servicing. technicians professional and responsive.
    Chris DeGrasse
    Professional, on time, fair estimate. Aaron & Jeremy were great to deal with. They worked from the time they arrived until the time they completed. When finished, they cleaned everything and left the work area spotless. I would recommend Jerm's!
    Jennie Miller
    We recently used Jerm's to clean and service our air conditioning units and to repair a dripping tub faucet. They are extremely responsive (someone answers the phone!!), easy to schedule, and they arrived on time. The technicians give an estimate before they start the work and the work done is high quality. While not least expensive option, I was VERY impressed with their professionalism and ease of contact/communication. We would definitely use them again.
    Judith Wilson
    Repairman was very professional - arrived when he was expected, cleaned up after and did good work. Very satisfied.
    john ferney
    Any interaction we have had with Jerm's has been positive. Technicians are on time, explain the work they are doing, are pleasant and courteous. Prices are reasonable. We highly recommend Jerm's.
    Jason czora
    I was debating about having mini splits out in at my house and searched the web for companies in our area. After reading reviews, it was obvious to use Jerm’s. I called and scheduled the appointment to get a quote and Travis showed up on time. Travis was pleasant, professional, and helpful. He worked up a quote and let me know that the office would be sending me an email with all the info. There wasn’t an ounce of pressure to make a decision and Travis left. We decided to go with Jerm’s and scheduled an instal date of July 20th. On June 28th the office called to let me know an opening became available for June 30th if I wanted it… uh YEAH!!. On the 30th Travis and Aaron showed up again on time to start my instal. I can’t state enough how happy I was with both of them. Very professional, considerate (took their booties on and off each time the came in and out of my house which was a million times) and pleasant. They worked non stop and got the entire job done in one day. The quality of work was amazing. They took added time to make sure as much of the lines that they could hide they did. All the runs were straight and organized and look amazing. I honestly don’t know if Jerm’s is the least expensive out there or not but I honestly don’t care… their work is the best and that’s what matters most to me. A reputable, professional, honest company you can trust, and mostly due to Travis and Aaron’s great work and personalities. Thank you Jerm’s and thank you Travis and Aaron!!
    Patrick Temple
    Had an issue with piping under our sink. Was fit in between jobs by a technician and assistant who were very polite and respectful in all actions and applications. Problem was quickly resolved and I feel my wife and I have found a very reliable plumbing service for future needs.
    Pam Duchaine
    We had a very positive experience with this firm. We are renting a home from owners for two months and could not get it to cool properly when June turned warm and muggy.The earliest appointment they could give us was two weeks out, but they later called and came out that day. Jeremy patiently explained to us that to effectively use these mini split units we had to set the temperature many many degrees lower than desired and “swing” the louvers. This is much different than in our home in AZ where we set the temperature to that desired.We appreciate the fine service, both from the scheduler and the tech expert. We are now quite comfortable.
    Martin Grant
    Great customer service and communication! Travis (the technician) was kind, respectful, and friendly. He even showed me how to conduct routine maintenance on my hot water heater myself to extend the life of our unit. I definitely recommend Jerm's!
    Hal Sheeler
    Zach came on the same day called for a sink/dishwasher leak. He was exceptionally competent, efficient, and amiable. Problems solved. Very pleased! Would highly recommend!
    Robert Kersch
    Attentive to my needs!Service was/is super and their timely addressing of my problem was excellent.Hopefully they'll be able to tackle and resolve my boiler/heating problemin a timely fashion too. Time will tell.Dawn is a delight to work with and an exceptionally good "face" for Jerm's.What a pleasure it is to deal with professionals!
    Bettina Read
    I recommend Jerm's to all my client's and use them at my own home. They are great! The text to let you know they're on the way with a photo of the tech. They are friendly, helpful and skillful. They provide detailed estimates of work to be done and include photos.
    Richard Stanton
    We used Jerm's for two different kinds of services. The first was to fix our forced water radiated heating system. Travis and company did a masterful job. It is night and day different.The second job was to fix some poorly installed DIY pluming in our master bath that caused backup in the toilet, shower, and sink. Zach and his crew also did an amazing job.Additionally, the office crew was very friendly and easy to work with. Their communication about who, what where, when, why, and how is second to none. I always got timely emails and text messages regarding things. Text messages even show you a picture of your technician before they arrive.10 outta 10 absolutely recommend. I hope I won't need them in the future but if I do I will not hesitate or even consider another company at this point.
    Luther Johnson
    Travis and two of his teammates did a great job installing a waterheater for us today. I especially appreciated his patience with explaining how the unit works, a great job all around.
    Greg Sieglinger
    Zach showed up super fast, diagnosed the problem and had it replaced almost instantly. Very happy with how quickly he took care of our issue. Would go back for future plumbing needs.----------‐Sure enough needed more work on the heating system. Was given a grim diagnosis and steep estimate to remedy from another local outlet. Jeremy and Aaron came right out, parts on hand all while having a quicker, and a lot less expensive fix that seems to have taken care of the issue. Really nothing but praise for every encounter so far.
    merle myerson
    From the first time I reached out to JERMS they were helpful and got me scheduled (they found a cancellation and got me in within one week). The let me know who was coming and sent me alerts to confirm and also that he was on his way. He came w/in 5 minutes of the scheduled timeEric was very professional, explained everything and showed me exact costs as we went along. He got back to me that day with an estimate of parts needed. He was excellet!In a time where it seems that customer service may or may not be a priority, it seems to be at JERMS.
    Andrew Stewart
    Replaced leaking sink valves efficiently and in good spirit.
    Ann Schiavo
    Eric arrived and quickly figured out what our leak was and fixed it in a timely manner. He was courteous, professional, knowledgable and workspace was clean when repairing as well as cleaned up the work space after. He was also here to provide an estimate for an additional repair. I will not hesitant to hire Jerm’s for that repair too. Eric was the best, Thanks Eric!
    Jean Behnke
    We had our shower hardware replaced. Zach did an excellent job, was clean, tidy, and professional. He included us in decisions. This is a terrific company.
    Sarah Dillon
    I can't say enough about these folks. We recently purchased this home. I was doing some minor repairs on the kitchen sink. When I shut off the water to the kitchen. I was not aware that the shut off valves didn't work. The water kept coming through and was slowly flooding under our kitchen sink. I reached out to Jerms and Dawn was a rock star! She knew we were in a bind and was able to get someone out with in 30 mins. Eric was very friendly and very educated. He was not only able to help with fixing the shut off valves in the basement, he also installed them in the kitchen. He then was able to fix the attempt I was making of updating the plumbing that was corroded and we are as good as new. Thank you so much for being so quick and helping us out when we were in a bind.
    Zachary Graham
    I called Jerm's late last week after having a leak in our hot water heater. I spoke with Stephanie, who was able to have someone sent to us the same day! Travis came to our house, inspected the hot water heater and told us that we needed a new unit. He made sure that we had our questions answered, and provided quotes during his visit. We had the unit installed 3 business days later, with a holiday weekend sandwiched in between. Very happy with everything that we have received from Jerm's. I'd highly recommend them!
    Rachel Davis
    Our technicians did a great job and were very professional. We will be using Jerms again.
    The MooreFour
    Very professional polite and helpful.
    Kurt Geffken
    Very quick to come out and give an estimate when our water heater broke. Able to come by the next day and replace it. Very knowledgeable staff, friendly, and did a great job. Definitely using them for future plumbing problems
    Ellen eisenberg
    Zach took the time to thoughtfully diagnose our plumbing problem. In an old house that can be challenging. He fixed the problem, He is a skilled knowledgeable professional who goes above and beyond. Jerm provides great service and we recommend them highly
    Betsy Greene
    Eric did an excellent job! Next I won’t wait so long to have a job done. Thank you.
    Sarah Clark
    Kevin was great--he came the day we found the problem to diagnose it, explained our options clearly, and was friendly and personable too. We always have a great experience with Jerm's, and working with Kevin on replacing our hot water heater was no exception.
    Lori Wick
    Jerm's Plumbing and Heating is such a pleasure to work with from the follow through in the office to the service provided by Travis Nugent. They are professional, responsive and do quality work. I highly recommend them.
    Carol Lane
    I had a great experience this afternoon. Not only did Eric fix the problem with my washer, but he found the cause of the leak in my kitchen faucet. There was a fair and open discussion of the price for the replacement piece in the kitchen.
    Edward Fielding
    At the start of the pandemic Jerm's crew installed a mini-split (heat pump) for us. Great, efficient crew coordinating with the equipment drop off, electrician and plumbers/HVAC specialists.After recently installing solar, I had them service my propane boiler and on Jeremy suggested upgrading to a hybrid hot water tank to take advantage of all of the electricity we've been generating. Great idea so I had them back to install a highly efficient hybrid hot water tank from Rheem.Once again Jeremy and Travis did a professional job. They even spotted and replaced a part in the old plumbing that looked suspect.When you want something done right, call the pros and these guys are it.
    Lindsay Watts
    We had an amazing experience with Jerm’s — Zach Fournier was our technician and I cannot speak highly enough about his work and professionalism. Highly recommend!!
    Harte Crow
    Excellent in all respects…difficult leak which had been seemingly impossible to fix was stopped completely.
    Megan Bird
    Extremely professional and high quality work.
    James Symonds
    This was our first time using Jerm's for our plumbing needs and we were very pleased. Eric was very professional and courteous and did an excellent job resolving our plumbing problems and Dawn was very helpful in scheduling our appointment and emailing/texting us with updates. Based on this experience we would highly recommend Jerm's for your plumbing needs!Jim & Sandy Symonds
    Jason Nash
    My first interaction with Jerm's was with Stephine who answered the phone. She was very polite and professional, and helped me schedule a tech to come out and see why my water wasn't running. She was able to get me a tech quickly, and Eric showed up promptly at the time he was slated to arrive. Eric was very polite, and attentive, and was able to troubleshoot my issue confidently. He offered several different choices for repairs, and upgrades, and showed me detailed quotes for each. I chose to replace the water tank and associated hardware, which he did quite expertly. The before and after pictures are night and day. I will definitely look to using Jerm's again in the future, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good plumber.
    Christopher Johnson
    From beginning to end we knew we were in good hands. Courteous and knowledgeable installers got the job done on time, and it looks like a work of art.
    Nancy M
    Excellent work! Thank you for a job well done.
    Joyce Dion
    My wife and I are both VERY satisfied with Zack's installation of a corner shower to replace our old claw foot tub and a new ADA compliant toilet. We were both pleased with his quality workmanship and attention to details. We highly recommendJerm's Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
    Dave Barrell
    Prompt and satisfactorily solved issue. THANKS!
    Emily Santaw
    After calling a local business that installs heat pumps and being told that they are booking 18-24 months out and new clients should "feel free to call back in 6 months" just to talk with someone, I did a little more calling and found out that Jerm's installs heat pumps. I was able to talk with Travis right away. He took some measurements and pictures, conferred with an electrician and actually was able to start the installation that day! Admittedly, this was sort of the "perfect storm" of circumstances and no one should expect service this quickly but Travis is amazing! He knows the product inside and out. He's very efficient as well as personable. Working with him has been a pleasure. One of the biggest reasons I felt that I didn't need to keep looking was because Jerm's handles the entire installation. In my case, that includes subcontracting with an electrician because my electrical box is too old and too small to add the heat pump. The peace of mind that comes with having professionals take care of the entire installation is immeasurable. This is my 3rd experience with Jerm's this year and every one of them has been wonderful. Stephanie in the office is so easy to deal with. She's very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Sam Swift
    Jerm's has, by far, been the most professional and reliable service I have used since moving to the Upper Valley (July 2021).They installed my new furnace under an emergent condition during the coldest week of the season.I had my furnace serviced by a different provider in the fall of 2022 and was told it was in good working order when in reality it was on its last legs. It actually failed two days before Christmas! I was frantically calling everyone in the Upper Valley. Jerm's was not only the most competitively priced but were the quickest to get me in the books; they were able to complete the job on 12/27. I also work night shifts and they were more than willing to work with my schedule. In fact, one of the technicians came out early just to meet me in person before I went to bed. It's now been 3 months later and I couldn't be happier with the product. Even when I had a question about the new installation they promptly were able to get a technician out to look at it.They're very professional, timely, and knowledge. I also really love they they send out emails and text messages with a photo of the technician that's coming by. They will forever be servicing my heating and plumbing needs. I will be recommending them to everyone.
    Great experience with Zach Fournier. He was highly competent, friendly, prompt and did a great job. Highly recommended.
    Jacob Holt
    Had a plumber come over to cap a gas line. Communication was excellent and the service was quick and professional.
    Alan D.
    The team at Jerm's were extremely polite, professional, flexible, and transparent from quoting to booking to installation. Communication was also excellent. They took extra care to protect our floors and carpet during the installation of a new combi boiler (the unit was on the second floor). 2 unexpected problems came up during the install which they addressed openly and neither issue added any expense to the project. They also stayed until the project was completely finished. We could not be more pleased with the process start to finish.
    Kit Nick Burnham
    From the initial phone call to Jerms and speaking with Dawn to the completion of work and review with Jeremy the employees were professional, courteous, kind, knowledgeable and human, a trait lost on many in these times! Jeremy and Mike responded quickly, had a quote within 30 minutes and rearranged schedules to prioritize getting heat back into the house. They arrived on time, if not early, (with texts and emails advising they were enroute) they respected the house with booties and carpets, and Jeremy explained everything about the new system to me before leaving, making sure I had no questions or concerns. Thank you Dawn, Jeremy and Mike! I will be recommending Jerms to anyone in search of plumbing and heating services!
    shyrl rafus
    The staff are very helpful in every way. The lady in the office is a peach. She does what ever she can to insure that you get great service. The Tex’s are great they take the time to explain everything they need to do. The are very professional in there work. They are the best plumbers around.
    Jenny L
    Technician was efficient, knowledgeable and respectful. He diagnosed and fixed our heating system in a single trip.
    My experience with Jerm’s Plumbing and Heating was terrific all the way around! From the office staff to the plumbing technicians, everyone was courteous and pleasant. Service was scheduled quickly and communication was excellent, including a notice that the technician(s) were on their way - photo included. My primary technician, Zach F., was prompt, he explained what he was going to do (how and why), he did not try to up sell anything. The work was done well and he gave a “tour” of the completed work. Items in the work area were protected and the area was well cleaned upon completion of the job.I would not hesitate to call Jerm’s for any future plumbing needs and have already recommended the company to my neighbors.Thank you to everyone from Jerm’s, it was a pleasure doing business with you!Debby Childs/Eleanor Huke
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