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Welcome to Jerm’s Home Services, the leading provider of plumbing and HVAC solutions in Lebanon, New Hampshire. We are experienced plumbers and HVAC experts, offering a wide range of services to meet your residential and commercial needs. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the go-to choice for all your plumbing and HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Give us a call today to schedule a plumbing or HVAC job with our experts. We’re prepared to help you find the most cost-effective answers to your drain, sewer, heating, or AC problem in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Our Services

The last thing you need is an unexpected leak in your water lines or a broken furnace during the dead of winter. If you need plumbing or HVAC help fast, look no further than Jerm’s Home Services. We’re your drain, sewer, heating, and air conditioning service provider who is committed to delivering exceptional solutions and results. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive plumbing and HVAC services to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency in your home or business.

Our services include:


We specialize in providing efficient and reliable tankless water heater solutions for your residential or commercial property. Say goodbye to traditional water heaters and embrace the benefits of on-demand hot water with our cutting-edge tankless systems. Our skilled technicians will assess your specific hot water needs, recommend the ideal tankless unit, and expertly install it with precision and care. Enjoy endless hot water, energy savings, and a compact footprint with our top-of-the-line tankless water heater installations. Trust us to deliver exceptional workmanship and superior customer satisfaction.


We provide reliable solutions for your heating needs. Our skilled technicians have in-depth knowledge of furnaces and are equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you need a new furnace installed, an existing unit repaired, or routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance, we have you covered. We prioritize quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to deliver exceptional service, improve energy efficiency, and ensure a warm and comfortable environment in your home or business. Experience the expertise and reliability of our furnace services today.


Stay cool and comfortable all Summer with our expert AC repair and maintenance service. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in diagnosing and resolving air conditioning issues promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s a malfunctioning compressor, refrigerant leak, or electrical problem, we have the expertise to get your AC system up and running in no time. Our comprehensive maintenance plans ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and extended lifespan for your AC unit. From thorough inspections to cleaning coils and filters, we prioritize preventive measures to prevent future breakdowns. Trust our experts to deliver exceptional workmanship, reliable repairs, and personalized service for all your AC repair and maintenance needs.


Experience pure and clean water with our professional water filtration system installation. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with safe and healthy drinking water by installing high-quality water filtration systems. We understand the importance of removing impurities and contaminants from your water supply, which is why we offer a wide range of filtration options tailored to your specific needs. From carbon filters to reverse osmosis systems, our skilled technicians will assess your water quality and recommend the most suitable filtration solution. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clean and refreshing water by entrusting our experts with your water filtration system installation.


We provide top-notch water heater solutions for your residential or commercial property. With our team of skilled technicians and extensive knowledge in the field, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient water heater. Whether you need a new water heater installed, repaired, or maintained, our experts have got you covered. We work with a variety of water heater types and brands, ensuring that we can cater to your specific requirements. Trust us to deliver exceptional workmanship, prompt service, and personalized solutions for all your water heater needs.


With our team of highly skilled technicians and extensive experience in the field, we guarantee a seamless and efficient installation process. Our experts meticulously assess your kitchen’s plumbing system to ensure compatibility and prevent any issues. We only work with top-quality garbage disposal units, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Our installations adhere to strict safety protocols and comply with all relevant regulations. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver precise measurements, seamless functionality, and minimal disruption to your daily routine. Upgrade your kitchen with our expert garbage disposal installation service today.


With our team of highly skilled technicians and extensive experience in gas line repairs, we guarantee efficient and reliable solutions. We understand the importance of gas line safety, which is why we prioritize thorough inspections and accurate diagnostics. Using advanced equipment and industry-leading techniques, we swiftly identify any leaks or issues in your gas line. Our experts adhere to strict safety protocols and follow local regulations to ensure a secure repair process. Rest assured that your gas line repair needs are in capable hands with our dedicated team.


Experience the utmost professionalism and expertise with our gas line installations. Our team of highly trained technicians specializes in safe and efficient gas line installation. With meticulous attention to detail, we assess your property’s specific requirements and provide customized solutions that adhere to local codes and regulations. We use top-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a secure and reliable gas line. From residential to commercial properties, we prioritize safety and precision to deliver exceptional results. Trust our experts to handle your gas line installation needs with the utmost care and expertise, providing you with peace of mind and convenience.


We offer reliable and efficient repiping solutions for your residential or commercial property. With our team of skilled professionals and years of experience, we understand the importance of a properly functioning plumbing system. Whether you’re dealing with corroded pipes, frequent leaks, or low water pressure, our experts will assess your plumbing infrastructure and develop a tailored repiping plan. We utilize high-quality materials and employ advanced techniques to ensure durable and long-lasting results. Trust us to deliver meticulous workmanship, timely completion, and minimal disruption to your daily routine. Experience the benefits of a refreshed and reliable plumbing system with our exceptional repiping service.


Experience the luxury and convenience of a professionally installed shower with our expert shower installation.. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in delivering flawless shower installations, whether it’s a new construction or a bathroom renovation. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring proper plumbing connections, secure fixture installations, and impeccable waterproofing. With our expertise in a wide range of shower types and designs, we can bring your vision to life. We work with high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure a durable and long-lasting installation. Trust our experts to transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis with our exceptional shower installations.


Experience the benefits of softened water with our expert water softener installation. Hard water can cause various issues, including limescale buildup, reduced appliance efficiency, and dry skin. Our skilled technicians provide customized water softener solutions tailored to your specific needs. We assess your water quality, recommend the ideal water softener system, and expertly install it with precision. By removing minerals that cause hardness, our high-quality water softeners enhance the longevity of your plumbing system, improve water quality, and provide numerous benefits for your home or business. Trust us to deliver exceptional workmanship, reliable performance, and outstanding customer satisfaction.


Ensure a reliable water supply with our expert well pump replacements. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in diagnosing and replacing well pumps to restore optimal water flow. We understand the importance of a properly functioning well pump for your daily water needs. With our expertise and top-quality equipment, we guarantee a seamless replacement process, minimizing downtime and disruptions. Trust us to assess your well system, recommend the right pump for your needs, and expertly install it for efficient and reliable water supply. Experience peace of mind knowing that your well pump replacement is in the hands of our knowledgeable professionals.


Maximize your air conditioning system’s performance with our AC filter replacements. We understand the critical role that clean and efficient filters play in maintaining indoor air quality and prolonging the lifespan of your AC unit. Our skilled technicians will assess your system, recommend the appropriate filters, and promptly replace them with precision. With our top-quality filters, you can enjoy improved airflow, reduced energy consumption, and healthier indoor air. Trust our experts to ensure that your AC filters are regularly replaced, optimizing the performance and efficiency of your cooling system. Stay cool, comfortable, and breathe easy with our exceptional AC filter replacements.


We provide reliable and efficient solutions for your air handling needs. Our skilled technicians have in-depth knowledge of air handler systems and are equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you need a new air handler installed, an existing unit repaired, or routine maintenance to keep your system running smoothly, we have you covered. We prioritize quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to deliver exceptional service, optimize airflow, and ensure proper ventilation for a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Experience the expertise and reliability of our air handler services today.


We deliver reliable and efficient solutions for your heating needs. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in boiler systems and are equipped to handle repairs, installations, and maintenance with precision. Whether your boiler is malfunctioning, inefficient, or you need a new installation, we have the expertise to get the job done right. We prioritize quality workmanship, thorough diagnostics, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to deliver exceptional service, restore optimal heating performance, and ensure a warm and comfortable environment in your home or business. Experience the expertise and reliability of our boiler repair and installation services today.


Experience optimal comfort and efficiency with our expert ductless mini split installation. Our skilled technicians deliver reliable and customized solutions for your heating and cooling needs. Ductless mini split systems offer precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and flexibility for any space. Whether it’s a single room or multiple areas, we assess your specific requirements and recommend the ideal system for your needs. With our meticulous installation process, we ensure seamless integration, minimal disruptions, and maximum performance. Trust our experts to deliver exceptional workmanship, reliable installations, and personalized service for all your ductless mini split needs. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a ductless solution with our professional installation service.


We provide efficient and reliable solutions for your heating and cooling needs. Our skilled technicians have extensive knowledge of heat pump systems and are equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance. Heat pumps offer energy-efficient heating and cooling capabilities, making them a smart choice for year-round comfort. Whether you need a new heat pump installed, an existing unit repaired, or routine maintenance to optimize performance, we have you covered. Trust our experts to deliver exceptional service, improve energy efficiency, and ensure a comfortable indoor environment. Experience the expertise and reliability of our heat pump services today.

Meet Lebanon’s Authority in Plumbing and HVAC

With years of experience serving the Lebanon area, Jerm’s Home Services has established itself as a trusted name in the plumbing and HVAC industry. Our team of qualified technicians is highly trained and knowledgeable in the latest industry practices and technologies. We have a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by residents and businesses in New Hampshire.

As a local company, we take pride in our strong reputation for delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations. We are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our valued clients. With Jerm’s Home Services, you can trust that your plumbing and HVAC needs are in expert hands.

FAQs on Plumbers and HVAC Experts

While both HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and plumbing are essential components of a building’s infrastructure, they serve distinct purposes and require different expertise. HVAC systems focus on controlling the temperature, humidity, and air quality within a building, ensuring comfortable and healthy indoor environments. This includes heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. 

On the other hand, plumbing primarily deals with the distribution of water and the management of waste and drainage systems. It involves the installation, repair, and maintenance of pipes, fixtures, and appliances related to water supply and sanitation. HVAC technicians specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining HVAC systems, while plumbers specialize in water supply, drainage, and sewage systems.

Although there may be some overlapping areas, such as connections between HVAC systems and plumbing for water-based cooling, they are distinct fields with their own set of skills, codes, and regulations. Proper installation, maintenance, and repairs in both HVAC and plumbing are crucial for the overall functionality and comfort of a building.

Yes, HVAC systems can be connected to water heaters in certain configurations. This connection typically occurs when a hydronic heating system is used, which utilizes water as the medium to transfer heat. In such systems, the water heater provides hot water that circulates through pipes or tubing, delivering heat to various components of the HVAC system, such as radiators, baseboard heaters, or radiant floor heating systems. This integration allows for efficient heating of the space while utilizing the heat generated by the water heater.

It’s important to note that not all HVAC systems are connected to water heaters. Many HVAC systems operate independently using methods such as forced air or electric heating. The integration of water heaters with HVAC systems is commonly seen in hydronic heating systems, where the water heater serves as the heat source. Proper installation, control, and maintenance are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these interconnected systems. Consulting with HVAC professionals familiar with hydronic heating can help determine if this connection is suitable for your specific heating needs.

In HVAC systems, the piping used for various purposes is commonly referred to as HVAC piping. It serves as a network of conduits through which fluids, such as water or refrigerant, flow to facilitate the heating, cooling, and ventilation processes.

The specific type of piping used in HVAC systems depends on the application and the medium being transported. Some commonly used types of HVAC piping include:

  • Copper Piping: This is a popular choice for refrigerant lines due to its excellent thermal conductivity and durability.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Piping: PVC pipes are commonly used for drainage, condensate lines, and venting purposes in HVAC systems.
  • Steel Piping: Steel pipes are used in high-pressure applications and for transporting hot water or steam.
  • PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene) Piping: PEX piping is gaining popularity for its flexibility, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation in hydronic heating systems.
  • Flexible Ductwork: While not technically piping, flexible ductwork is used for distributing conditioned air in HVAC systems.

Proper selection and installation of HVAC piping are crucial for efficient and reliable system performance. Consulting with HVAC professionals can ensure the appropriate choice of piping material based on system requirements and local codes and regulations.

No, a central air conditioning (AC) system is typically not directly connected to a water line. Central AC systems primarily operate using refrigerants to transfer heat and cool the air. The refrigerant circulates through a closed-loop system that includes the indoor and outdoor units, the compressor, and the evaporator and condenser coils.

However, there is one instance where a central AC system may have a connection to a water line, and that is when it includes a condensate drain line. During the cooling process, moisture in the air condenses on the evaporator coil, forming water droplets. This condensed water is collected and drained away through a condensate drain line, which is typically connected to the plumbing system’s wastewater or drainage system.

It’s important to ensure that the condensate drain line is properly installed and maintained to prevent any leaks or water damage. Regular inspections and cleaning of the condensate drain line are recommended to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the central AC system.

When it comes to plumbing and HVAC services in Lebanon, Jerm’s Home Services is your trusted partner. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Contact us today at (802) 649-7317 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services.



    Windsor Mansion
    Did a nice job. A bit expensive but they came right away cleaned up after themselves and installed it correctly. Appreciate the response.
    Daniel Safford
    Tech did an amazing job and gave me several options that fit my budget. Super clean , professional and accurate work.
    Debra Colwell
    We are very pleased and thankful for the excellent work Jerm’s - Jeremy, Travis, Cody, and Matt did installing our new furnace. Thankyou Dawn for setting it up! We have had the best service from quickly coming and professionally installing with care. Jerm’s has been the best for all our needs over the years. Highly recommend! Steve & Deb Colwell
    Mark Laser
    Eric Beck from Jerm's did an amazing job installing our toilet -- he was highly professional, explaining everything clearly, working efficiently with attention to detail, all with a genuine smile. He and the Jerm's team get a full five stars -- thank you!
    Russ Patton
    Aaron & Chris were able to come a day early and did a fantastic job explaining what they were doing to service my propane heater.
    Ken Gantz
    Aaron and Matt were awesome; I can’t say enough about the service they provided. They were punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient explaining everything. They truly went above and beyond to deliver A-1 professional service. I hope to get them in the future for other projects or maintenance service.
    Meghan Hilger
    Cody & Jeremy were amazing! Very kind and took their time to do a thorough job and fix our AC. They also fixed an unrelated door handle without me asking. Great service and will definitely use them again!
    Patrick Keane
    Had Cody at our house working on our boiler and had a great experience
    jason owens
    Cody and Jeremy came over and got me setup! Can’t recommend them enough!
    Patrick Cunneen
    Eric installed a SpringWell Whole House Water Softener system. It was his first time installing this brand and when he was finished it was perfectly installed. He was polite, professional, and answered all of our questions. In summary, it was so well done and solidly installed. We can't say enough about how great a job he did. Thanks Eric....Pat and Chris Cunneen
    Chris Hall
    The whole process with Jerms was great. I was able to schedule a free onsite consult. When I had questions about the estimate, Tony got back to me right away. Dawn was able to schedule with us in a timely manner. Lucas was very professional and friendly and handled our mini split installation very well.
    Nancy Frankenberry
    Excellent service and full explanation! I only wish I had called sooner!I want to give Zack 5 stars, too. Zack and Aaron make a great team! Zack came back with Chris, used the same small crawl space, replaced the outside spigot with a new one, replaced the inside filter cylinders which had not been touched in years, and was polite & professional the entire time. I give Aaron, Zack, and Chris all 5 stars!!
    Richard Reynolds
    Cody and Jeremy served our AC today and We are very happy with the results as first time customers we would recommend Jerm’s Services to anyoneR J Reynolds
    Lola Stone
    Zach from Jerms plumbing services was FANTASTIC! Very professional and personable and very friendly! Did an A Number one job! And extras we did not see for pipes. Thank you Zach …you saved us! Give him a Raise!!!😃😃
    Simon Willbanks
    We had Matt and Aaron come out for regular furnace maintenance 6/10/2024. They were prompt, friendly, and efficient, they did a great job.
    Cora Visnick
    Lucas, Scott and Matt were a fantastic team that installed our mini splits today. They were kind, explained each step, and were very tidy the entire time. I would highly recommend Jerm!
    Sean Dittrich
    Super responsive and professional!
    Peter Goulazian
    Great team. Great service. Highly recommend.
    Mary Rohr
    Matt and Aaron were professional, friendly and met my expectations. They fixed damaged items and werevery helpful . I will call Jerm's again.
    David Weidman
    All systems go! Great job.
    Edward Fielding
    At the start of the pandemic Jerm's crew installed a mini-split (heat pump) for us. Great, efficient crew coordinating with the equipment drop off, electrician and plumbers/HVAC specialists.After recently installing solar, I had them service my propane boiler and on Jeremy suggested upgrading to a hybrid hot water tank to take advantage of all of the electricity we've been generating. Great idea so I had them back to install a highly efficient hybrid hot water tank from Rheem.….Just had Travis and Austin install another mini split - excellent work as always.…..Once again Jeremy and Travis did a professional job. They even spotted and replaced a part in the old plumbing that looked suspect.….When you want something done right, call the pros and these guys are it.
    Ryan Scelza
    We had an incredible experience with Zach Fournier recently. The "fix" we were looking for required both skill and creativity, and Zach brought both. He was informative, personal, and professional and really went above and beyond to make sure the job was done to satisfy all of our needs. The end result came out better than we imagined was possible. We will use Jerms, and request Zach, for all future plumbing needs!
    Vievee Francis
    Cody did an excellent job. Thorough job. And he is very nice. My husband and I will use Jerm's again.
    Tom Kardel
    Aaron was at our home today to address a couple of maintenance issues with our boilers. He was highly professional, transparent, and diligent. I am *always* impressed with service calls from Jerm’s. They are the best in the area!
    Derek Williamson
    Just had my oil boiler serviced by Cody. He was awesome - took the time to show me everything, how it works, what to do in emergencies. Cost was reasonable - probably not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Very professional, will use again.
    Charity Lee
    Professional, personal, pleasant
    Arthur McKinnon
    Jerm's Home Service was first class. Sending updates with photos of there workers Tony who did the walk thru and sent us the estimate. To Lucas & Scott who over two days kept my wife Maureen And I informed as to the work they performed. The project came out beautiful and over the memorial weekend performed up to expectations. Extremely quiet. The app Lucas guided me to install on my phone works well and one of the reasons we choose Confort Cool.Lucas & Scott worked well together and Maureen was impressed with their efforts not to track dirt into the house and how well they cleaned up at the end of there work.We highly recommend Tony Lucas & Scott.Art & Maureen McKinnon
    Terra Martin
    I appreciate their attention to detail and professionalism.
    Paul Shykula
    Easy to schedule, efficient, informative.
    William Taylor
    Excellent experience with Aaron Dixon of Jerm’s servicing my propane Rannai heater. He was prompt, personable and did a very thorough service checking every aspect of the heater. Highly recommend Aaron Dixon and Jerm’s Home Services!
    John Payson
    The team from Jerm's plumbing were very friendly and polite. They replaced an old shower with a new tub quickly and skillfully. I was impressed to be offered detailed written options before they began work. Zach is very solution-oriented, well done!
    Amber Hewston
    We have always had fantastic service from Jerm’s and today was no exception. We woke up to pin hole leak in the main pipe coming into the house, below the water shut off valve. We called Jerm’s right away who said they didn’t have a slot but would call if something opened up. We called another dozen or so plumbers who either didn’t answer or offered appointments next week. Jerm’s came through and sent Hunter to us around 2:00. He was polite and patient, working with the town to find our curb shut off. He quickly fixed the problem and saved us having to cancel our weekend plans. He was efficient, tidy, and even shared a popsicle with the kids who wanted to be a part of the action. Great service. Highly recommend!
    nancy tehan
    Jermes worked at my son’s house today on Gillette St , Wilder Vt and replaced a water heater and whole new system to his 1900 home. Finished a day early! The most impressive was the professional and polite young men that did the job, Lucas and Cody! They worked swiftly and were not disruptive.
    Chloe Sweetman
    Jerm's has repeatedly been a fabulous resource living in the UV. Prompt, polite, and always willing to take the time to talk and explain notes or concerns, we always know going with Jerm's means quality and professionalism. We have called on them for several projects and every time they have been nothing short of spectacular. Thank today to Aaron and Chris for all their hard work!
    Nathan Rood
    It was a pleasure to work with such a professional outfit. Aaron was very receptive of the already existing plan. Aaron and Zack both brought a respect and passion for there craft that was amazing to see. Once the overview of the job was complete they came to me with options and solutions to small problems. The project went very smooth. Chris was engaged and seemed willing to learn.
    Sarah Strew
    Travis was excellent! On-time, friendly and efficient. He got the job done with no hassle to us.
    Linda Doss
    We had Jerm’s Home Services at our home for two reasons this week: an extensive HVAC replacement/upgrade and a smaller plumbing problem of replacing elderly shower controls. All 5 technicians were extremely professional, courteous, polite, knowledgeable, clean and quiet. They also spoke well of Jerm’s as an employer - job training was provided, ( including how to talk with customers!), they were well paid and even had retirement benefits.
    Tia Liu
    After having a brand new water heater and propane boiler put in by a separate company in 2020, I had two domestic water expansion tanks fail in three years. The original company replaced the first expansion tank after 17 months without finding the cause. 15 months later, a second company replaced another failed expansion tank, again, without figuring out the cause. When I began seeing similar signs with my system that a failure might occur again, I called Jerms. I'm very happy with the service I received from Jerms, especially Travis, the technician. Travis was very knowledgeable, tidy, and professional. I was relieved when Travis quickly recognized what the problem might be and confirmed my main pressure reducing valve was failing to stop the pressure coming in from the city water. After confirming the seriousness of my impending system failure, Jerms moved some work around and Travis did the work that afternoon.I appreciated the upfront pricing so I knew what to expect. Mostly, I felt like I had a company with trained employees who could look for root causes vs replacing parts. I highly recommend them!!
    Florian Schroeck
    Matt & Aaron did an awesome job on our water heater repair. Arrived on time, were knowledgeable, were friendly, explained what they were doing, and quickly completed the job!
    Jeremy Stonier
    Super reliable, great at communicating, found time to get someone out to us ASAP. We have several issues going on and everyone that shows up are super professional and also recommended some solutions on other issues we are having.
    Bill Flaherty
    I highly recommend Jerm’s for your plumbing needs. Aaron and Matt were EXCELLENT! They went the extra mile when repairing our furnace just by asking a few questions with the manufacturer and saved us THOUSANDS of dollars. Their attention to customer service was fantastic. Thank you Jerm’s!
    2nd week of May 2024:We switched the thermostats off because who needs heat now spring is well and truly here? Then, to our surprise, hot water continued to flow around one of the circuits. Time to call Jerm’s and ask for help. Less than 24 hours later Aaron had diagnosed the problem, and less than 48 hours later he had returned with new parts to fix the problem. Thank you Aaron and Jerm’s for the quick response, and friendly, professional service. Jerm’s, and technicians like Aaron, really understand and practice good customer service. Make Jerm’s your go-to local business for your heating and related needs.Late March 2024:Kevin – professional and friendly – came to service our boiler. He did that, and more, thanks to his thorough, systematic inspection of other equipment. Now my boiler is good to go for some time to come, and I also have a new pressure expansion tank on the water heater & a new backflow preventer on the boiler to protect the drinking water supply. Safety has been restored. I appreciated how Kevin explained what he would do during his visit and the rationale for each of the equipment replacements. Thank you! I recommend Jerm's Home Services.
    Used for hvac/furnace servicing. Found them to be professional and knowledgeable. Aaron was prompt and helpful. Explained everything and provided estimate up front.
    William Getman
    On time, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, informative, and proffesional. Very pleased with the service and outcome.
    menta peavey
    This was my first time having Jerms for home repairs. I am very pleased with this company. First I liked the email letting me know when they were headed and a picture of the person so I knew who to look for( of course the Jerms van is a giveaway)I have had an issue with my furnace that 1 person that came couldn’t find the part, another in December I’m still waiting to hear from. Arron Dixon from jerms had the part found within 5 mins. They also clean and check your central air system and he offered to do it while he was here he spent 2.5 hours checking everything and cleaning the unit. He’s also a very nice do it right the first time kinda guy. ( love that)I can’t say enough about my experience with him. Definitely will have him come back when I need something. I also had Hunter and Cody here for some plumbing issues they were very professional ,polite and gave me 3 options for my issue from 1 being the best to 1 at a half way option or 1 the bare minimum and there was no pressure from them at doing the most expensive it was totally my call it was great they did the work right then and there no needing to schedule another appointment it was unexpected and great. Will definitely have them back as well. I love the fact of all my home needs with one place.😊 A very Happy customer
    Xenia Heaton
    Jeremy did a terrific job.
    Amanda Amodeo
    We had Matt and Aaron out for routine maintenance on our boiler. They were quick and professional and were also able to diagnose and fix an issue we've been having with the temperature of the water from our faucets. Overall good experience.
    John hunt jr
    Did the job very quickly efficiently and was very clean and a pleasant person also good attitude
    Doug Kennedy
    Great service - efficient, knowledgeable and willing to explain what was going on. Tactfully described additional issues and presented options for additional work - great job. Doug Kennedy
    Ellen Kozak
    We highly recommend Jerm’s Home Service. Aaron our technician was respectful and thorough. He gave full explanations and answered our questions honestly. Glad we chose Jerm’s.
    Jacque Wernimont
    Aaron was great!
    Susan Edwards
    Quick response to a semi emergency & answered my questions in a great manner
    Maggie Simmons
    Hunter did an excellent job he was on time, he was pleasant and knowledgeable, he did the job quickly and efficiently and left everything picked up and tidy.
    Lee Ridilla
    Could not recommend Jerms Home Services more ! After an online question about mini split systems was answered and getting several quotes we ended up going with Jerms . The turnaround time was incredible and they answered all my questions along the way . Technicians Travis and Austin went above and beyond , coming out the second day to make sure everything worked and walked me through the system .
    joel MacNeil
    Hunter showed up on time. Did the work in less time than was anticipated and we received a bill that was less than we expected. Courteous and professional the whole time. Very satisfied and will certainly call them again if we needed.
    Amanda S-W
    Aaron and Matt were curtious, professional and resolved the problem at hand in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to have them take care of the issue.
    Ralph Barton
    Great job - nice work
    Caron Bronstein
    I am very impressed with the professionalism and expertise that the tech from Jerm's exhibited while doing the repairs at my house. He explained what the problem was, how he would fix it and clearly showed that the repair was completed. I would highly recommend both Jerm's and specifically Eric Beck, the tech who did the work at my house.
    Arturo Ramos
    Great communication all around. The technician explained everything and provided a quote prior to commencing work and gave us a run down of the work done afterwards. They did a fantastic job of doing a deep cleaning of some mini split units that had not been serviced in a couple of years.
    Steven Atkins
    Jeremy is clear about what needs to be and, more importantly, what does not need be done. Good sense of humor, combined with his knowledge of plumbing, we trust Jerms based on the employees. Responsive and stands by their work.
    amy neuman
    Cody was terrific! He provided me with complete information and updates and fixed our issue quickly! Friendly, professional and informed. Thank you!
    Connie NelsonWhite
    Stuck with it and got the job done. Very much pros!!
    Krysta Kostrubiak
    Aaron and Cody came to check out our old water heater and show us the options for the new ones. They were very friendly and efficient. Once we made our decision, their office was able to quickly order our new heater and schedule the install, including an electrician, for the next day. Once they got the new one in, they made sure we knew how it worked and what we needed to know. We will not hesitate to call them again.
    Pennie Bourque
    Aaron and Cody where amazing, respectful, knowledgeable and they came to diagnose the problem with my new water heater and worked quickly to get us a working water heater after finding out the new one I bought did not work. We now have hot water. Thank you again.
    Robert Haun
    Jerm’s Home Services provides quality technicians, excellent communications, accurate work, and reasonable prices. The techs show up on time, explain their findings, work through any unexpected problems and leave a clean work site when finished.
    Virginia Umland
    Excellent service again! Explained everything to me in clear terms. I would use their services again.
    George Leung
    Lucas, Scott, and Aaron did a top notch job replacing and cleaning several systems in my house today. The workmanship was clean and professional, and their communication on care and operation of the softener and tankless water heater was very much appreciated.
    Trista Kellman
    Aaron & Cody came out to do an annual service on our oil furnace, and were excellent techs. They were knowledgeable, polite, and tolerant of our nosey dog 🙂
    Maynard House
    I highly recommend Jerm's Home Services. They are prompt, professional, and courteous. Great job, great service!
    Ashley Doolittle
    We have been exploring a ductless mini-split system for a few years now and have received quotes from multiple contractors in the area--Jerm's, however, was the clear winner on several accounts. For starters, Dawn at the main office was able to schedule Tony to come out for a quote within a week (compared to 3+ weeks of wait time with the other contractors) and Tony was thorough, kind, and knowledgeable. When we had subsequent questions about our electrical load and installation specifics, Jerm's scheduled a second visit, this time with both the electrician (Brian) and the installation manager (Travis) along with Tony who were equally phenomenal. It is clear that each member of the Jerm's team care immensely about the quality of work they provide and spend ample time answering every question (and we had plenty!) to ensure we had everything we needed to make an informed decision. AND never once did we feel pressured or like it was a "sales pitch" which we also appreciated so very much. Going with Jerm's was an easy decision from start to finish and every technician we have encountered has been professional, courteous, and deeply competent--thank you!
    Bettina Read
    I recommend Jerm's to all my client's and use them at my own home. They are great! They text to let you know they're on the way with a photo of the tech. They are friendly, helpful and skillful. They provide detailed estimates of work to be done and include photos.
    Marsha Biggs
    After the big snow storm last week we had an issue with the vent pipe on the roof. They were able to come the day after we called and fixed it quickly. Very polite, informed and professional.
    Rose Nelson
    Fabulous customer service!! Aaron and Cody were prompt in explaining what needed to be done for the water heater!
    katrina adley
    Aron and Cody put a new expansion tank in for us. They arrived right on time, were professional, friendly and fast. We are so lucky to have this company taking care of our plumbing needs. Thanks again, Nancy and Katrina
    Chuck Hazzard
    Hunter is always very thorough in his analysis of the issue and his explanation for the various opportunities to resolve it. I highly recommend Jerm's for plumbing and heating work.
    Greg Cassidy
    Very happy with this business. Had a broken water pipe and Kevin was very thorough with the repair and carefully explaining what caused the problem and different options available to fix it. I especially liked knowing what the repair will cost beforehand. I will be a repeat customer from now on. Highly recommended!
    Dee Rogers
    What started out as a day with no running water turned out to be a pretty good day after all. I called four plumbing companies and for some reason or another they made excuses to why they could not make it out, and this was a Friday, I did not want to wait all weekend. Then I called Jerm's, they took my information and within two hours two young men were at my door, They sent an e-mail saying they were on the way and a picture of the service men who were coming. They were so polite! So professional, and went straight to work. My well pump had stopped working and in less then three hours they had replaced it and some kind of switch thingy and presto the water was flowing again. I could not recommend anyone better, faster, or more reliable. This is how you build royalty and trust, Jerm's is now my number one go to. Thank you so much Travis, Austin and Mike
    Beth Anne McDaniels
    Very pleasant, personable, knowledgeable and up front about cost. Sent me a quote in record time. Very happy with his visit.
    Matthew Lewis
    Aaron, Cody, & Lucas did a great job installing our new furnace.
    Our well pump went down on Tuesday evening. I called and left a message and received a call Wednesday morning. By 9:00 AM Hunter came by diagnosed the problem. Went back to the shop to pickup the trailer. Then Austin and Travis came by to assist in pulling the pump. Great work! Our water supply was back on by 3:00 PM.Great customer service!
    Thomas Desrosiers
    They always answer the phone, communication is great, problem is fixed quickly. Always have a good experience.I had Aaron come by this time. I’ve also had Hunter in the past.Aaron and Cody came by again recently for more service - on time, courteous, professional. Good experience
    Jon Mefferd
    Aaron and Cody installed our oven and performed extensive leak check. These guys are pros and we’re meticulously clean! I could not be happier with our service. Professional, friendly and very skilled guys! Thanks again Jerms!
    Timothy Wittik
    Jerm's sent a very helpful technician and the pricing was pretty reasonable considering the economy. I would recommend them for any kind of plumbing work at least.
    Nicole Amagliani
    Earlier this week we had a plumbing mishap due to the incomplete and seemingly uncaring work performed by a separate plumber not affiliated with Jerm’s that led to a water leak from the attic to the first floor, and some ceiling damage. Not only did Jerm’s pick up my call on the first ring to talk about options, they made a very special and appreciated exception to travel outside their service area to help us (in an incredibly timely manner might I add). On top of all that, they investigated and fixed the issues properly. A huge thank you to Jerm’s, specifically Zach who made the trip over and did some really great work for us!
    Anne Frates
    Had a wonderful experience with Travis and his partner. They were prompt , very friendly and got my toilet installed !
    Thomas Trezise
    Aaron and Lucas were here this afternoon (2/19/24) and expertly repaired a long-standing problem with the heat. They were both gracious, considerate, efficient, and professional. You couldn't ask for more.
    Ed Huang
    They were terrific and nice!
    Vanessa Perron
    From the initial conversation with Dawn and Stephanie, to the cleaning of our system 2000 furnace and first finished job of replacing our holding tank, it has been a great experience.Jeremy and his right-hand man came and did a thorough cleaning of our furnace and found many things that needed to be replaced due to wear and tear but extremely important. They explained things in great detail with pictures so that there was no question as to what needed to be done.Zach and his right-hand man came the next day to replace our holding tank, which thanks to Jeremy's observation was over working our well pump. They came and did a great job of removing and replacing the tank and cleaned the space right up to the foot prints on the basement floor.All of these techs have been so informational and pleasant to interact with.We are still waiting to have a few things done to the furnace but have high expectations that they will be met with the same regard as the other things.The ladies in the office are an absolute pleasure to deal with. They take their time to talk to you and answer questions, send out prompt emails with pictures of the techs that are coming so you know who to expect. And they have great senses of humor and personality.I see some of the reviews on here, all are positive but some have issues with the pricing. There are some things that are high, as all things are in this economy but remember that with a degree of experience like this company has comes peace of mind of a job well done. Having had to replace some of these things in past ourselves was stressful and difficult, so to have the expertise of these gentlemen was worth the investment. And that is just what keeping up your plumbing and heating is, an investment.Edit: Today Kevin came and finished up all the repairs. Polite, curteous and efficient. I have very much enjoyed the "team" at Jerms!!
    Farah Doyle
    While the service rates at Jerm's are notably high, I must commend the technicians, Aaron and Cody, who promptly addressed and resolved the hot water issue at my home. Their efficiency and professionalism were evident as they successfully fixed the problem in less than 45 minutes. However, I was surprised to find that the service came with a hefty price tag of almost $450. While I appreciate the quality of their work, I can't help but feel that the charges for straightforward plumbing services (such as replacing the mixing valve on the water heater) are excessive at Jerm's.
    Laurel Mackin
    Jerm's does an excellent job of communicating with clients at every stage -- from the timing of appointments to pricing and pricing options to explanations of work performed. The tech was professional and knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to work with some of the quirky plumbing that exists in our house. They are not inexpensive but the quality of their work justifies the cost.
    Jerm's Home Services is awesome! I've used them twice, once for plumbing and most recently for a new furnace. From the gals that answer the phone to crews that showed up, they represent their company well. Responsive, polite, professional and respectful with confidence and experience to get the job(s) done quickly and right. I didn't meet the plumbing crew but I was on site for the furnace. Jeremy and Cody were great. They came prepared with booties for their feet, drop cloths, spray cleaner and they swept and vacuumed when they were done. I highly recommend Jerm's and will use them again.
    christine feria
    Excellent customer service. Identified the problem and fixed exactly what needed to be done. Aaron and Matt were very professional and did a great job fixing our water pump and boiler.
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